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Author: BJ

Whether directly catching COVID-19, getting laid off as a result, or instantly becoming a home school parent, we’ve all been impacted in some way by the new normal. IPhone trackers iPhone is checking to see if you’re practicing good social distancing practices. Specifically, not just you but in the background

We’ve collected reliable sources to help give a quick macro perspective of things when needed to help increase your BI score! Not just great for work and the marketing department but also a fresh perspective on some of the downstream impacts of our decisions. Some of the figures and counters are amusing, insightful, and, unfortunately, […]

The Hook | What you need to know before you buy We often find out during year two that our initial search for what’s the best place register or renew a domain didn’t yield great results. Unfortunately, this happens to many unsuspecting consumers or entrepreneurs when buying a domain and/or website services from some well-known […]

Find great websites with free tools that you should know and book mark. Sometimes it seems like a need for another paid app, plugin, product, or service comes up at every turn in a project and especially online projects.

I am afraid the majority of this one would-be pirate. Hippo’s are cool but since Johnny Depp’s performances, I think the Pirate life, Pirate Garb, all the plundering, the RUM, well, hard to compete with. But let’s not be blinded by the lure of the open seas just yet! We need to really do some […]