Test Your Email Deliverability – How Spammy Is Your Email?

Use this tool to check the content of your email for spam filter triggers, SPF, DKIM, & DMARC records, and get a full report on how well your email scores on the Spam Assain criteria and learn what parts of your message can be improved.

How To Check Your Email Deliverability

Copy the provided email address

Use this address to add to the “to” field of your regular email program. Include content like you would normally send to a subscriber or customer including images and links. It is a good idea to try this before you send a broadcast or email campaign from Constant Contact or Convertkit. Tip: If you have an online form, subscribe to the form with the provided email address to check that your confirmation emails being sent are optimally configured and get more subscribers!

Send your email

Once you send your email, return to this page and refresh to fetch your results. See the documentations for additional help and contact us if you need anything.

Copy email here, send and run the report

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