The ultimate list of free tools every creator should have: Top 10 free content creation tools & resources.

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As the world becomes increasingly automated, the art of content creations remains very much a hands-on job

List of Free Content Creation Tools & Resources

Every good content creator needs to know where and how to find products and services that are going to add value to their audience. We have included the top products for recording at home, in the office, or even mobile! Some of these items will shock you but the quality is amazing and we have seen them successfully used by many big content marketers.

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List of Free Content Creation Tools & Resources

1) Google Drive Research Tool
Google recently added a tool to Drive that allows you to conduct Google searches without ever leaving your Drive window. All you have to do is click “Tools” from the menu bar and choose “Research” from the dropdown menu.

2) Site:search
This is a handy Google hack I use every day. Basically, it allows you to do a Google search that’s limited to a particular website.

3) Google Webmaster Tools
Doing SEO and keyword research? Your marketing software should be able to help. But if it can’t (or you’d like to augment your data), Google’s Webmaster Tools can be a great help.

4) Percentage Change Calculator
I can’t even begin to tell you how useful this little calculator is when looking for and analyzing data. Ever want to know the percentage change of two values without having to remember the formula? Simply enter the two values into this calculator, and it’ll spit out the percentage change.

3-Way Percentage Calculator – Calculates answers to these questions: What is X% of Y? X is what percent of Y? X is Y% of what?
Conversion Rate Calculator – Spits out a conversion rate when you enter the total visitor count during a specific time frame and the number of times during that time frame those visitors took a specific action.
A/B Test Calculator – Works for a basic scenario with two groups of people (A & B) who get to see one version of your website and for whom you track the number of conversions or goals (purchases, downloads, clickthroughs, etc.).
ROI Calculator – Analyzes your website’s monthly sales and lead generation efforts to determine ways in which marketing efforts can be optimized.

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5) Atlas

Atlas is Quartz‘s data center, and it’s chock-full of graphs, charts, and data visualizations. You can search for almost any topic or keyword, and Atlas will have a graphic based on recent research data for you. This is a great tool to get background information on a topic you’re researching, or to find fresh data to use in a project you’re working on. Here’s a chart based on data from early 2016:

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