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Where can I find data for?

Where can I find data for?

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“I think I’m Thinking Too Much”

We’ve collected reliable sources to help give a quick macro perspective of things when needed to help increase your BI score!

Not just great for work and the marketing department but also a fresh perspective on some of the downstream impacts of our decisions. Some of the figures and counters are amusing, insightful, and, unfortunately, disturbing.

Is the data reliable?

All the data used on the counters is sourced from a large number of organizations, research institutions, news services etc. Our main objective is to use data from the world’s most reputable organizations. However, to capture the entire picture some smaller organizations are used. Links are provided so you can make your own decisions. Finally, if you would like to learn how to add these to your site or blog, contact me here.

Behavior-based marketing: Beyond targeted social media ads, convenient content delivery, or knowing what is often purchased together.

In addition to the nifty counters, there is no better time than now to think about the implications of AI, Big Data, Deep Learning, and other technologies that have proven to be able to sway public opinion and rouse emotions in entire countries. Many times by automated bots producing and reproducing fake news and other weapons of mass confusion. As a business owner, these tools can be very useful for finding out loads of information about your customers so they are more likely to find you and eventually buy. Computer scientists and other really smart people have successfully developed machine learning, AI, Big Data, and so on to gather up, store, process, manipulate and produce insights (some proven to be better than our own) from an increasing number of data points. These data are stored in virtual mega warehouses that can be scaled on demand.

These databases or mega information warehouses are growing autonomously and not just in size but, the proliferation of data points. This is where our data are splitting, growing, budding, and reproducing lightning fast. This is not theory, doomsday talk, conspiracy, or anything like. This is our reality. This data apocalypse is so big and growing so fast that it is incomprehensible, causing an indirect consequence that is spurring a new set of tools to help manage – These tools are developed to help control the exponential growth and widening of the information flow so it can be comprehended quickly to make better decisions. Now, our job as content creators, entrepreneurs, artists, craftsmen, or anyone else that is looking for a way to reach customers or find new ones is to get honest about who is likely to consume our content, use our service, or buy our product.

This is your Business self-awareness and for the remainder of this first part of The Secrets to Selling Online, we will review several free and paid tools that you can start using today to make an impact in your BI.

World Population Growth


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Where’d everybody go?

Commerce Counters

36,000 years of lost childhood

316 million hours is equivalent to 36,000 years. And that’s in one year.

152 million children

Worldwide 152 million children between the ages of 5 and 17 work as child laborers. Assuming an average work week of 40 hours for 52 weeks a year that means 316 million hours of child labor year. This is a very rough estimate – some work less and some much more.

Children are producing our everyday products

Common industries for childhood labor include farms that produce cocoa, coffee, cotton, rubber, tea, tobacco, and other crops. Studies in Brazil, Kenya, and Mexico have shown that children under 15 make up 25-30 percent of the total labor force in those commodities.

What’s the indirect cost of “Save Money Live Better”


World population
We use the United Nations population projections, medium variant, 2019 update.
UN population projections

Author: BJ Blackburn

Accelerating population growth
UN population projections, medium variant used.
UN population data
World Bank GDP data
International Resource Panel: Assessing Global Resource Use
IPCC Special Report: Emissions Scenarios
PWC: The World in 2050

How does the US Compare to World Homicide Rates – Free eBook

Great publication by the UNCDC
These results will probably not be a surprise but interesting read. Download the pdf below.

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